Similar Real Estate Websites

There are many other real estate websites out in the market that are like  Most real estate sites base their data from but present their data in a different and more customer friendly view.  There are sites that focus on finding a real estate agent first or others that focus the customer experience.  Here is a list of real estate websites that you use to search for properties, for sale, for rent or for lease.

1.  Zillow

2.  Zoocasa
You can search for properties by a street name, neighbourhood, city or landmark.  Each property in Zoocasa displays all information about the property along with pictures and a map street view.  At the bottom of the page, you can see other properties in the neighbourhood along with top ethnicities, age ranges, average income, housing prices and availability — using catchy, colourful graphics.   This allows you to decide if you blend in with this neighbourhood and make sure you know all about the neighbourhood before you decide to move in or purchase.  And all viewable on your desktop or mobile device.



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