Find Your Real Estate Niche

Choose niche market for Real Estate site like MLS
Focusing on a niche real estate site is the best way to create your own site.  If you find yourself listing properties in a wide range of areas, you cannot claim yourself an expert in all.  So making yourself an expert in one area is the best way to create a market for yourself to your clients.  You can create a niche for yourself in many different ways including specializing in a specific location, types of properties, type of transaction and types of clients.  

For a Niche Location, you can specialize in:
  • Vacation area
  • Golf Course Community
  • Lake Front properties
  • Download locations
  • Country side locations
  • Beach front properties
  • Sub-divisions
  • Specific neighbourhoods
  • Specific Country, State, City
For a Niche Property, you can specialize in:
  • Condos
  • Luxury High End properties
  • Low end cost saving properties
  • Historic establishments
  • Commercial Property
  • Mobile homes
  • Townhouses
  • Water homes
  • Acreage
  • Bungalows
  • Duplexes
Premium Real Estate Theme To Create Site like MLS
For a Niche Transaction
, you can specialize in:
  • For Lease
  • For Sale
  • For Rent
  • Consignment
  • For Share
  • Couchsurfing
For a Niche Clientele, you can specialize in:
  • Rich people
  • Poor people
  • Seniors
  • First time home buyers
  • Second-time home buyers
  • Boaters
  • Teachers
  • Medical professionals
  • Travellers
  • Single moms
  • Small Families
  • Large Families
  • Newlyweds
  • Single professionals
  • Graduates
  • University or College Students

You can go as many levels down in specialization as you want as long as you are marketing to a specialized set of clients.  These are all ideas you can use to mix and match to create your own niche market.  Making yourself an expert in an area allows you to market yourself better and then allow you to purchase the best domain name for yourself - which is discussed in the next step.  Having the right domain name that matches with your niche market helps with your SEO and search results when people search for your real estate site.

You are now ready to purchase a domain name.