6.  Install & Activate Real Estate Theme

Now that you downloaded your Real Estate Wordpress theme, you can upload and install onto your Wordpress site.  Keep the installation file in zipped format because that's how you will upload it to your site.  You don't need to upload through the file manager of your web hosting, you will only use Wordpress to manage your site.  Actually Wordpress has many themes installed already on your site, but most of them make your site look like colourful blogs etc.   You can preview each one to see how your site will look like.  Just like this one, you will upload and
Create Real estate website install Wordpress Theme
before you activate the theme, you can see how the theme reacts to your site and how it will look after you activate it.

Steps to Install & Activate Your Real Estate Theme:
  • Login to your Wordpress Administrator panel
  • Click on 'Appearance'
  • Click on 'Themes'
  • Click on 'Add New'
  • Click on 'Upload Theme'
  • Click on 'Choose File' - See image to the right
  • Click on 'Install Now'
  • You can then choose to click on 'Preview Theme'
  • Click on 'Activate Theme'
After the Wordpress theme has been activated, your site will now take on the appearance of the new theme you installed.  You can proceed to configure your website, make changes to the colours, add properties, add agents, create different categories, create different features for the properties, etc.

If you ever need to change your theme again in the future, you can always visit this Appearance, themes page to activate a different theme or delete old ones.

You are now done! You have your real estate website.  It's all very simple and needs no programming knowledge.  It only required 6 steps to create your own real estate website.

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