4.  Install Wordpress for your Real Estate Website

Installing Wordpress is the easiest step of them all.  If you purchased Blue host or Fatcow, installing Wordpress will be easy as pie. That's because both of those providers have one-click installs.  

Bluehost and Fatcow have One-Click Installs
make site like real estate website - one click installs
A.  Does not have one click installs:

If you purchased a web hosting provider that does not provide one-click installs, then you will have to:
  • Download Wordpress installation file
  • Upload the Wordpress installation zip file to your web hosting provider file manager
  • Unzip the Wordpress installation file
  • Run the installation file
  • Create a MySQL database for your installation
  • Enter in the database information into the Wordpress configuration file
  • Go through the installations, add usernames, passwords, directories etc.
In other words, it will probably take about a day and undertake many steps if you purchased a web hosting that does not have one click installs.

B.  Has one-click installs:

On the other hand, if you purchased a hosting from Blue host or Fatcow for your real estate website, then you are in for a treat.  All you have to do is find the icon for one-click installs and choose Wordpress from the list of applications you want to install.  It will take max 5 minutes to install Wordpress!!! No programming knowledge, no file manager knowledge and no mess required.  Picture above is shown for what you will find in a one-click install environment.  You just click on the application you want to install, in this case, Wordpress and follow a couple of English prompts that will ask you:
  • Name of your site
  • Admin username
  • Password for admin
  • Email address for admin
and that's it.  An email will be sent to your email address with a link to login to your Wordpress administrator panel.  There.  Wordpress is installed on your real estate site.

One thing that is important is to pick an admin username and password that is secure and not hackable.  Here are some tips for a good admin username:
  • Do not use Admin
  • Do not use Admnistrator
  • Do not use your site name
  • Pick a username that is longer than 7 characters long
This will help keep you administrator panel safe.  Also pick a secure password.  I sometimes use the random password generator to help pick a password that is unique with numbers, characters, uppercase letters and a special character.  

Now you are set to move onto the next step - 5.  Find and Download a Real Estate Theme.