Purchase a domain name - create site like Real estate site
2.  Purchase a Domain Name

If this is your first time creating a website, you might want to skip this step and jump directly to step 3.  This is because most web hosting providers provide free domain names with purchase.   If you have domains hosted with a provider that allows unlimited hosting, like myself, then you can continue with this step to purchase a domain name.  I usually purchase all my domain names with one registrar.  This allows me to keep all my domain names all in one place without me searching everywhere for one that I don't know where it's registered.  Also keeping one domain name registrar allows you to become more familiar with the management of domain names and how to make changes to your DNS and other settings without having to learn a different system with having multiple registrars.  

Purchasing a domain name is a big thing.  This establishes your online presence and sets the tone of your site for your audience.  If you choose a good domain name, it will usually come up in the top searches when people want to find you.  So it's important to find a domain name that is most closely tied to your niche market.  

Tips for choosing a domain name:
  • Although there are many names that have come out such as .guru, .photography, .club, I've always picked a .com domain name
  • I've also purchased .ca, .info, but always have preferred .com
  • Pick names that are short and are meaningful
  • You can use 1 or 2 hyphens in your domain name
  • Try to find a domain name that mentions your niche market i.e.:
    • luxury-rentals.com
    • homes-for-sale.com
    • lakefront-properties.com
    • student-housing.com
    • golfcourse-resorts.com
  • You can also purchase a domain name that is your name but those domains will most likely not come up in searches unless you target your SEO in your site towards your niche market.
Brainstorm and compile a list of domain names you would like to have.  Know that most of the popular domain names are probably not available anymore, so you have to get more creative with your names. 

I purchase all my domain names from Godaddy.  It's reliable and easy to manage.  I've had no problems with using it for the past ten years I've been registering names with them.  On Godaddy's website, you can do a search to see if a domain name is available and if it is, congrats! you can purchase it.  If not, Godaddy displays a list of domain names that are similar to the one you searched for.  

You can do a search for available domain names here on Godaddy.

You are now ready to purchase a Web hosting provider.