How to Create a Real Estate Website
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If you are a broker, real estate agent, property manager or just have properties you want to list and sell or rent on your own, you can create your own Real Estate website to list your own properties.  MLS charges fees to list properties and of course you have to be a real estate agent to list them.  So, why pay the MLS fees when you can create your own real estate website like

You don't need any programming knowledge and it's super simple.  Using Wordpress is the best way to create any website.  You will find Wordpress is easy to install, easy to manage and easy to update your information.  The reason why it's so easy is because of the Administrator panel which is in English and not some computer gibberish which only programmers would understand.  It's as easy as using MS Word.  So, the key to creating an amazing real estate theme for your site is to find the right theme suited for you needs.

While there are many Wordpress Themes out there, you need to know what features are most important to your audience.  Then you can narrow down your search to filter out the themes that don't have the features you want on your site and which ones do.  Just by looking at the MLS website, features that are important in creating your own real estate site include having:
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Advanced search criterias
  • Search by Price, Type of property, number of rooms, number of bathrooms etc
  • Ability to easily contact the agent
  • About the agent details
  • Ability to see features of the property
  • Ability to upload images to a page dedicated to the property
  • Ability to see other properties in the area
  • Responsive layout to mobile and tablet devices
I recommend using the Real Estate Wordpress theme I found.  You can see the screenshot of the theme above.  It has all the important features as mentioned above and tons of other features as well. 

Below are some steps to help you create your own MLS website.